We get many questions about what to do if you have an UK Notified body. For the 4 that still are around we typical gives the following advice:

BSi – are good in communication, all customers have been urged to transfeer to BSi Netherlands, the only questions are if the have the capacity to deal with all activities!

For customers of the other 3 life is more troublesome!

LRQA- their dutch entity have not been notified for MDD (or MDR) why the likelhood to be able to transfeer all customers before a possible hard brexit is low even though they would get the notification in march.

UL- plans to start activities in Ireland, but have not been notified and currently status are unclear. With that the likelhood to meet deadline at a hard brexit are low and even meet a possible two month delay of a hard brexit that has been discussd today (26 of February

SGS – they have to NBs in Belgium and Finland but there have not been any information coming out from the UK office that they can transfeer to these. Rathercthe opposite customers have got letter saying they cannot transfeer, probably because of the more narrow scope for the other two locations.


Build up stock at distributors, urgently look for an new NB (even though getting late) or hope for the best are common advices given! And frankly there are not that many options!
There are a process for companies that loose their NB, in Practise this means that you have 12 months to find a NB, but you need to contact the authority where you have your business if in EU, for e.g. US companies the process is unclear since the authority in UK would cease to exist!